Jamaal H. Tolbert

Teaching Artist- Filmmaking


Jamaal(Teaching Artist- Filmmaking)’s work introduces viewers to a world of critical issues often avoided by society. Exploring ideas of Blackness globally, he illustrates his disciplined research with experimental images and video art.His pieces entice the viewer to contemplate difficult questions and spark conversations. Hasef encourages viewers to reconsider their role in social construction, civil rights, and white hegemony.  He earned his B.A. in Sociology & Art from California State University, Bakersfield, completed his certification in Art & Marketing from Sotheby’s in London, and continued his studies at Claremont Graduate University where he received his MFA in Studio Art. In addition to working as an artist in Los Angeles, Hasef is passionate about educating young artists. He has worked as a visiting artist and lecturer at USC, Chapman University, and as a Getty Unshuttered instructor.Hasef looks forward to bringing art to his community through his art advisory role with Hilltop and The Metaphor Club in South Los Angeles.

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Jamaal H. Tolbert
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