Lee Horwin


Lee Horwin is the daughter of a madcap, grand hostess mother and a former U.S. diplomat and Mayor of Beverly Hills father. She became a political organizer at age fourteen and, a few years later, began her travels through the jungles of show business as an actor singer: a journey that was book-ended by a standing ovation on the Johnny Carson Show in the 70s and the 2019 NYC Bistro Award for Best Musical Portrayal, at age- seventy. In between those life milestones, Lee was a Certified Rolfer, NLP programmer and counselor for twelve years and a writer.

Today Lee Horwin is also a philanthropist, a member of the Advisory Board of Get Lit-Words Ignite, a highly acclaimed national spoken word movement for kids, and an active participant in far ranging political forums. Lee holds a B.A. in Psychology from Sierra University:A University Without Walls, a PhD in nutrition from The American Holistic College of Nutrition, and a degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the American Institute for Hypnotherapy.

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Lee Horwin
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