Tyris Winter

Social Media Curator


Tyris Winter is Get Lit’s Social Media Curator, an aspiring legend, and self proclaimed 70s guru. With a passion for the arts, his love lies in multiple outlets, from painting, dancing, fashion, to poetry. Winter has a need to create. Tyris’ poetic presence has been depicted in the Los Angeles Times, Deadline, tell.tv, Youth To The People and even the Joshua Tree local newspaper. He is the winner of numerous slam titles from L4L, to 2019 Get Lit Classic Slam champion, and most recently the 2020 Why I Rise Mental Health Poetry Competition Winner. Tyris has performed all across the U.S. from Sundance film festival to the stages at Brave New Voices. He works to display all aspects of himself in his writing as well as performances. Winter’s writing embodies self reflection, family, culture, sexuality, mental health, the economy and more. Catch Tyris starring in the film Summertime directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada, or on instagram @winterissues posting about his children/pets/stuffed animals named Giraffeca and Piggy Smalls.

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Tyris Winter
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