Tiffany Snow

Education Coordinator


Born and raised in Calumet Park, Il, Tiffany moved to Los Angeles to work for the NASA center, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) where she recruited the best and brightest high school and college students but specifically women and people of color. Although this was extremely rewarding, Tiffany decided to step out on faith by leaving JPL and Saying “Yes” to her soul’s calling for “More.” After leaving the traditional workforce she quickly became a two-time NAACP theater award-winning actress. Currently, Tiffany can be seen as the lead in the series “Everything I Did Wrong in My 20s” on Cleo TV, in the feature “Her Only Choice” on Netflix as well as dancing her heart out to House Music on your local beach. She also Executive Produced the feature film, Illicit, which can be seen on Netflix and BET. Tiffany has appeared as the principal performer in multiple national and international commercial campaigns and is known for her humor and wit. She wrote, produced, and stars in the short film “I Love Y’all,” a poetic visual love letter to black men in the wake of the George Floyd murder. "I Love Yall" was selected by various film festivals and won the Audience Award at the Black Harvest Film Festival.

Tiffany has traveled and explored over 12 African countries and feels traveling is the path to true enlightenment and mental freedom. She lives by the statement “Follow Your Bliss, where your Deepest Sense of Being Lies, where your Spirit and Soul want to go”.

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