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I am signaling you through the flames..

I am signaling you through the flames..

our mission

Get Lit — Words Ignite fuses classic and spoken word poetry to increase teen literacy on the page and in visual media. We cultivate enthusiastic learners emboldened to inspire social consciousness in diverse communities.

Get Lit’s poetry and film curriculum engages young people by providing a creative outlet, community, and real-life work experience, transforming students into activists, scholars, and stars.

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“I continually marvel at how a small, passion-driven nonprofit makes such a huge difference in filling the gaps in our education and social systems”

Jonathan Zeichner, Executive Director, A Place Called Home

“Get Lit is the gold standard for bringing poetry into the lives of young people…students reach far beyond what they imagine they can achieve.”

Paul Cummins, Founder of Crossroads School & The Coalition for Engaged Education

“To foster creative expression and provide an outlet for this generation’s voice makes Get Lit and invaluable resource for our entire community.”

Rory Pullins, Executive Director of Arts Education, Los Angeles Unified School District

Claim your poem.
Claim your life.

Conscious Collaborators

We collaborate with organizations and individuals who engage in meaningful projects that empower and elevate diverse young voices around the world.

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