Deadline x Our Words Collide

March 2, 2022

Five Get Lit poets are featuring in the newest documentary film executive produced by actress Rosario Dawson. Directed by Jordan W. Barrow and Matt Edwards, this film shares the stories of Tyris, Cassady, Virginia, Amari and Jason and explores their journey through the lens of their poetry.

This film was recently featured in an article in Deadline Magazine. A short clip from the article:

“From the first time I watched the film Our Words Collide, I knew I wanted to be a part of this project,” Dawson said. “It was so inspiring seeing the journey unfold for these five exceptional poets, knowing the challenges that so many young people are facing today with mental health, identity and expression, and finding your place in the world. I felt a sense of excitement knowing that the next generation have such a powerful voice and are ready to share it.”

Read the full article from Deadline here.

Our Words Collide will be making its world premiere in documentary competition at the 37th Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Saturday, March 5.

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