Metro Arts x Summertime

June 24, 2022

A special Summertime event screening featuring Get Lit poets, both alums and current GLPs, and Carlos Lopez Estrada, director of Summertime (2021) and Raya and the Last Dragon (2020), was held at the historic Union Station in Los Angeles. The event during the day showcased current GLPs Sierra Leone Anderson and Fernanda Herrera as they performed poetry to the people of Downtown Los Angeles. The crowd was abuzz that sunny Friday, vibing to the poetry and the music from the live DJ. As night came about, Get lit alums and stars of Summertime: Anna Osuna, Mila Cuda, Paolina Acuna-Gonzalez, Marquesha Babers, and Austin Antoine filled the Union Station Great Hall with more poetry, live music, and immaculate vibes. Austin Antoine closed out the show with a killer set of his original music and genius freestyle rapping skills. After a few words from director Carlos Lopez Estrada, the packed audience sat back to enjoy Summertime and its love letter to Los Angeles.