Angela Oliver

Lead Drop-In Instructor / Teaching Artist

She/ Her

Angela Oliver (she/her) is a professional interdisciplinary artist and teaching artist with 10+ years of dedicated experience in utilizing creative literary and performance art to engage, empower and advocate for youth and underrepresented voices. Angela has enjoyed utilizing a hybridization of poetry, creative writing and interdisciplinary performing art forms since earning her B.A. in Theatre/Acting from Columbia College Chicago in 2005. She loves facilitating spaces that make people feel safe to try new things in front of strangers and connect with people of all ages and walks of life. In the span of her career, Angela has been graced with the privilege of performing for national and global slam poetry audiences (NPS 2011, iWPS 2013) with Chicago’s beloved Lethal Poetry Slam team. A teaching and interdisciplinary artist of many talents, Angela is also a seasoned improvisational theater teacher, music and movement arts specialist, and comedy writer. She is a proud Chicago Poetry Center and Annoyance Theatre Chicago teaching alum. She is also a proud ensemble member and contributing writer for SlamFam Ensemble’s “don’t @ me (please)”- an interdisciplinary poetic and hopeful exploration of these “unprecedented times” through poetry and film (currently streaming on OTV).

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