CherryPicks x Poetry in Film

June 9, 2022

CherryPicks, the online reviews & recommendations site that amplifies the female critical voice by looking at film through a female lens, recently published a recommendation list by Get Lit founder Diane Luby Lane in honor of the Why I Rise poetry competition.  This op-ed, "Poetry in Motion...Pictures: 9 Film Recommendations Inspired by Poetry" features some of Diane's favorite films about poetry, including Dead Poet's Society, Poetic Justice, and- of course- Summertime featuring the Get Lit poets.

Read a snippet of the review below and check out all 9 of Diane's picks here.

The remaining single glowing ember…is the vision or feeling that burns inside until it is expressed. Thank God for the porous page which has always been the best listener in the world. Poet Alice Walker says, “I gradually understand how poems are made…they are the love that spills out of the too full cup.” Where else can we share this “leftover love”? Onto the page. Through the barrel of a lens. There are countless examples of films that have used poetry to express the duende or the beauty/pain of the human experience, below are some of my favorites…