Uni(verse) Launch Gala x Jane Fonda

December 1, 2021

Get Lit is launching 1,000 Verses to fund Uni(verse), the world’s first interactive poetry platform for the classroom, community, and beyond.

We want our growing Poetry Wall– a compilation of poetic verses from around the world– to feature your favorite verse of poetry. Each submission will contribute to a Cento that will be read by the legendary Jane Fonda at our Virtual Launch Party on December 11th. Join our campaign & #ContributeAVerse now!

Poetry Wall

Students, Teachers and renown poets from all over the world are recording and submitting their favorite verses and are being featured on Get Lit's Poetry Wall. Ask the Universe (Poetry Wall) a burning question and have it answered! Visit the Poetry Wall now to have the answer you've been searching for!

If you or a teacher/student/poet you know would like to submit your favorite verse, please visit our 1,000 Verses Form

RSVP for our December 11th Event HERE!